Margaret Flewellen

Margaret Flewellen


CEO, Natural Good Medicines

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Margaret Flewellen is the owner and chief formulator of Natural Good Medicines LLC, which started as a natural skincare products producer specializing in hemp as a key ingredient. This has grown in to adding consulting and working with researchers to build and empower the hemp industries and hemp economy in our country. In addition to providing high quality products, Margaret’s work focuses on ensuring that there is a place for the hemp to go “After the Harvest,” whether a farmer has cultivated hemp for fiber, grain or for cannabinoids because we must have infrastructure in place for the harvested hemp to ensure a viable hemp market in the U.S.


November 27, 2018
Breakout Session: (Panelist) After Harvest - Products and Marketing Panel
3:45 PM - 5:00 PM • Palisades Ballroom