Edgar Winters

Edgar Winters


CEO, Winterfox Farms

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Edgar Winters, who was the first licensed hemp farmer in Oregon in 77 years, is the CEO and Lead Researcher for Botanical Genetics at Winterfox Farms, which has an MOU and a Material Transfer Agreement with Cornell University for the remainder of 2018. Edgar is also the COO of Natural Good Medicines, Genetic Variation Breeder for New York-based 22nd Century Group, and the Executive Director of the Oregon Agriculture Food & Rural Consortium. Edgar is a nationally renowned public speaker, educator, and grassroots activist who has dedicated most of his life to regenerative agriculture and serving Cannabis, which is here to serve all of humanity’s needs.


November 26, 2018
Breakout Session: (Panelist) Farm Panel 1 - What to Think About Before Planting
3:45 PM - 5:00 PM • Palisades Ballroom

November 27, 2018
General Session: Half a Century of Hemp Knowledge in 20 Minutes
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM • Palisades Ballroom