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MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2018

8:00 am Registration Opens

9:00 am–6:00 pm Trade Show

9:00–10:00 am General Session: The Regenerative Entrepreneur & Investor: What You Need to Know Before Jumping In: Doug Fine

Prefunction Area Level 2 (Located next to trade show floor)

  • Best-selling author, hemp farmer, entrepreneur and award-winning correspondent Doug Fine has been investigating and actively participating in the hemp agricultural revolution from the frontlines for years, and his valuable insights into the promise and pitfalls of the hemp economy will be shared here. Doug will address a range of considerations and corners around which to see, as well as the fullness of the potential for community and environmental healing through reinvigoration of the economy by way of the amazing hemp crop.

10:00–11:00 am Break

11:00–Noon General Session: The Jaw-Dropping US History & Promising Future of Hemp! Joy Beckerman

Prefunction Area Level 2 (Located next to trade show floor)

  • Renowned international hemp educator and advocate Joy Beckerman, who is also President of the Hemp Industries Association founded in 1994, will deliver an engaging and fascinating session on hemp’s history and critical role in the foundation of our great country, as well as the spectrum of industries served by the extraordinarily versatile hemp crop. Did you know that our nation’s first Cannabis law was in 1619, ordering farmers to cultivate hemp? Or that we’re already improving global health and the quality of products by reintroducing hemp into the industries of food, general wellness, body care, paper, textiles, bioplastics, building materials, industrial sealants and coatings, nanotechnology, and so much more? Learn about it here!

12:30–1:30 pm Lunch (On Trade Show Floor)

2:00-3:15 pm Breakout Sessions

·         Breakout Session I: The Curious Legal Status of CBD & Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids: Joy Beckerman

Meeting Room 2A

  • Expert witness and hemp law and policy master Joy Beckerman, Principal at Hemp Ace International, will guide attendees through the myriad of conflicting and rapidly developing state and federal law and policy surrounding cannabidiol (CBD) and all cannabinoids derived from hemp. Is hemp-derived CBD legal in New York state, in all 50 states, or just in certain states? As President of the Hemp Industries Association, Joy will also explain the implications of the recent decision the HIA received from the Ninth Circuit in the HIA’s lawsuit against the DEA regarding hemp extracts.  

·         Breakout Session II: Hemp Refining Technologies & Value-Added Products: Ed Lehrburger

Meeting Room 2B

  • Hemp industry leader Ed Lehrburger, whose hemp expertise in a wide range of areas is nearly unmatched, will discuss a multitude of aspects of hemp processing and refining technologies, the industries they serve, and the co-products and potential generated from them. PureVision Technology and PureHemp Technology, co-founded by Ed, created patented fractionalization technology that separates biomass sugars, lignins, cellulose and hemicellulose, from which thousands upon thousands of products can be made. And Ed’s hemp extract general wellness company Pure Kind Botanicals is taking the CBD market by storm.

·         Breakout Session III: Processing & Supply Chain of the Super Food that is Hemp Seed: Chad Rosen

Meeting Room 1A

  • Hemp food industry leader and agricultural cooperative advocate Chad Rosen, whose Victory Hemp Foods company has two processing facilities on the East Coast, will address the processing of the densely nutritious and delicate hempseed, as well as supply chain pitfalls and the optimal way to shape the supply chain moving forward.

·         Breakout Session IV: Hemp Textiles & Their Re-Emergence in the U.S.A.: Moderator Lawrence Serbin with Panelists Jeffrey Silberman, Patricia Bishop & Mary Jeanne Packer

Meeting Room 1B

  • This power-packed panel of textile experts will represent a range of voices in the rebuilding and reintroduction of hemp textiles in America. This panel includes Larry Serbin, the largest purveyor of hemp textiles in North America for a quarter of a century, international textile developer master Jeffrey Silberman of NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology, creator of cottage industry fiber spinning technology for the family farm Patricia Bishop, and NY’s own Mary Jeanne Packer of Battenkill Fibers who has been working to incorporate hemp into her successful textile manufacturing mill.  

3:15–3:45 pm Break

3:45-5:00 pm Breakout Sessions

·         Breakout Session I: The Science of CBD: Janel Ralph

Meeting Room 1A

  • Nationally renowned formulator, farmer, processor, and advocate Janel Ralph of Palmetto Synergistic Research LLC and Compassionate South Carolina will provide an engaging overview of the research and science of cannabidiol (CBD). Janel’s daughter, Harmony, suffers from a rare genetic condition called Lissencephaly. After several failed attempts to obtain a safe, tested, CBD-rich oil for her child, she decided she would need to become the source; and attendees will receive the tremendous benefit of what she has learned over the years from her extensive experience and study.

·         Breakout Session II: Hemp Farming Equipment & Key Lessons: Andrew Bish & Jeff Kostuik, B.Gs, T.Ag, CCA

Meeting Room 2B

  • I grew it; now what do I do with it?! Hemp is a unique and ancient crop with a number of equipment considerations for cultivation and harvesting methods. This is particularly underscored when discussing the different types of hemp crops – oilseed, fiber, extracts, and dual-purpose. Farm equipment expert Andrew Bish of Bish Enterprises and internationally renowned hemp agronomist Jeff Kostuik will discuss the range of equipment and concerns from the small farm to large, commercial farming.

·         Breakout Session III: The Hemp Seed Ag Feed Revolution & Journey to Making it Legal: Ethan Vorhes

Meeting Room 2A

  • Did you know that the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved industrial hemp for use in animal feeds despite its historical use, unique nutritional profile, and added value to the American farm and overall agricultural scheme? Hemp advocate and cattle farmer Ethan Vorhes is helping to lead the charge to allow hemp for animal feed through his tireless work with the Hemp Industries Association’s Hemp Ag Feed Coalition and will present a fascinating session on the process, challenges, and promise of FDA approval.

·        Breakout Session IV: Hempcrete & Hemp Building Materials ~ The Future is Happening Now: Moderator Lawrence Serbin with Panelists Bob Escher, Joy Beckerman, Mateen Pouyafar

Meeting Room 1B

  • Hempcrete, a long since known non-structural construction infill made from hemp and a lime-based binder, provides the healthiest possible construction for a safe, high quality indoor air environment. It is mold-, rot-, fire- and pest-resistant; and is a carbon negative, carbon sequestering building material that is durable and recyclable, lasting hundreds of years. Joy Beckerman, instructor for Hemp Technologies which built the first fully-permitted hempcrete homes in the U.S., along with VT architect Bob Escher and up-and-comer hemp builder Mateen Pouyafar will share their knowledge moderated by hemp board manufacturer and hemp industry leader Lawrence Serbin of Hemp Traders. 

~ VIP Networking Event~

6:00 - 9:00 pm

Prefunction Area Level 1 (Across from meeting rooms) 



8:00 am Registration Opens

9:00 am–6:00 pm Trade Show

9:00–10:00 am General Session: Research Report from New York’s Institutions of Higher Education: Larry B. Smart, PhD, Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins, PhD, Jared W. Nelson, PhD

Prefunction Area Level 2 (Located next to trade show floor)

  • We’ve heard hemp can grow anywhere, but how well and under what conditions and which varieties in each region? And what about the near endless possibilities of hemp fiber applications? The heroic hemp researchers leading the charge for New York State through Cornell University and the SUNY system will share the invaluable insights of their work in variety trials and fiber research.

10:00–11:00 am Break

11:00–Noon General Session: How to Farm, Harvest & Store the World's Most Versatile Plant: Jeff Kostuik, B.Gs, T.Ag, CCA & William Hilliard

Prefunction Area Level 2 (Located next to trade show floor)

  • Hemp is a unique and ancient crop and there are a multitude of considerations from soil preparation and genetics selection, to moisture and high nutrient needs, through harvesting and storage. Hemp is a high management crop that can yield high returns, but only if the farmer is aware of hemp’s unique needs and implements consistent, optimal practices to ensure a successful crop that can be brought to market. We are overwhelmingly pleased to have internationally renowned hemp grain and hemp extract farming experts Jeff Kostuik and Bill Hilliard present this most critical general session!

12:30–1:30 pm Lunch

2:00-3:15 pm Breakout Sessions

·         Breakout Session I: Hemp Genetics & Obtaining Them in New York State: Annie Archambault, Keanan Stone, Edgar Winters, & Joy Beckerman 

Meeting Room 1A

  • I have a hemp cultivation registration, now what kind of seeds should I procure and from where do I procure them? And what if I want to breed seeds for further propagation? These are the questions of the decade! There are so many considerations when it comes to hemp genetics, from legal and commerce challenges to supply and demand obstacles to breeding. This power-packed panel will address it all, including oilseed, fiber and extract genetics, as well as a run-through of the genetics procurement law and policy in New York State.

·         Breakout Session II: All Politics is Local & Veterans Ananda: Heroes are Local: David B. Bush, Esq. & Sarah Stenuf

Meeting Room 2B

  • Decades of activism and advocacy has resulted in the blossoming of lawful agricultural research pilot programs and other types of hemp programs across America, but our work to fully legalize hemp as a commercial agricultural commodity and ensure the ability to fulfill its promise in every jurisdiction is a marathon that will last for years to come. All of it can break down at the local level, and attorney David Bush provides the tools on how to get involved and stay involved in one’s own municipality. Nationally renowned veteran hemp advocate Sarah Stenuf will also share the struggle of veterans in our communities and how hemp can provide healing and abundance at the local level for the heroes that have served our country.

·         Breakout Session III: Navigating the Gauntlet of the CBD Market: Moderator Doug Fine with Panelists Janel Ralph, Chris Girard, Shira Adler, & Margaret L. Flewellen

Meeting Room 1B

  • The promising research and fast-spreading use of cannabidiol (CBD) is setting the world on fire with hope, results, and relief; and like any rapidly emerging market, the CBD market is fraught with pitfalls. Whether a consumer, cottage industry entrepreneur, or large-scale manufacturer, there is a gauntlet to navigate in order not only to identify high quality raw materials and products, but also to procure them. This incredible panel of hemp CBD industry leaders represent a full range of voices and experience, and they will share their hard-learned wisdom here.

·         Breakout Session IV: The Legal Landscape & Tribal Journey of Sovereign Hemp: Marcus Grignon

Meeting Room 2A

  • Marcus Grignon, renowned hemp advocate, tribal legal scholar, and enrolled member of the Menominee Nation, will share the legal landscape and challenges of reintroducing sovereign hemp, which has the potential to heal the land and reinvigorate tribal communities in alignment with foundational customs and beliefs. Marcus works tirelessly at the local level and in the public sector, both in Congress and the Small Business Administration. He holds a double Associate’s Degree in Tribal Law and Sustainable Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Democracy and Justice Studies with a minor in First Nations Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

3:15–3:45 pm Break

3:45-5:00 pm Breakout Sessions

·         Breakout Session I: Report from New York’s Heroic Hemp Lawmakers & Regulators: Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, NY Dept of Ag. & Markets Policy Analyst Timothy Sweeney

Meeting Room 1A

  • New York boasts the most well-funded research pilot program in the U.S., with $10,000,000 in state funds being allocated for hemp production and processing grants through the Empire State Development’s Industrial Hemp Research Initiative, and New York is one of the top-producing hemp states in the U.S.! How did we get here, how do we stay on top, and how is New York’s Department of Agriculture & Markets keeping up with the hemp revolution? We are honored and proud to have hemp heroine Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and NYDA Policy Analyst Tim Sweeney present at this important session.

·         Breakout Session II: Hemp Fiber Processing & the Stalk’s Extraordinary Potential: Trey Riddle, PhD & Jared W. Nelson, PhD

Meeting Room 2B

  • While the nutritional and general wellness value of the seed and extracts of hemp are more commonly known to those being introduced to this versatile crop, it is the fiber and cellulose within the incredible hemp stalk that may hold the most potential for economic stimulation, job growth, and planetary healing. Hemp fiber is the trillion-dollar industry that is coming, and hemp scientists and entrepreneurs Trey Riddle and Jared Nelson of Sunstrand, LLC will guide attendees through the journey and potential of the longest, strongest plant fiber on Earth.  

·         Breakout Session III: Keys to Investing in the New Hemp Economy: Chris Girard

Meeting Room 2A

  • While hemp once thrived, it may as well be a brand-new crop in the U.S. thanks to decades of prohibition. Farmers are growing it despite the lack of infrastructure to bring their harvest to market, and entrepreneurs are investing in infrastructure despite the acreage to support large-scale processing and manufacturing. Like any emerging industry, there are learning curves, innocent mistakes, and those who play fast and loose. Chris Girard, CEO of Nevada-based Omega Hemp Company, hails from the State of Washington, where he was a principle part of the legal support team for several years at the premier Cannabis law firm Pelley Law Group. Chris was exposed to the observations and solution-seeking to every possible challenge that comes with newly legal, highly regulated industries and has worked on opposite sides of multiple mergers, acquisitions, and dissolution matters as both a senior paralegal and a private, subcontracted consultant, from which he developed his extensive skill set and profile as an expert in the spectrum of Cannabis industries.

·         Breakout Session IV: The Spectrum of Hemp’s Top Legal Considerations: Moderator Doug Fine with Panelists Courtney N. Moran, LL.M., David B. Bush, Esq., Peter G. Stavroupolus, Esq. & Steven Wood, Esq.

Meeting Room 1B

  • Hemp is just a plant, and it seems so very simple; but between the fact that we are breaking out of hysterical prohibition and the fact that this extraordinarily versatile crop serves a wide spectrum of industries that require safety and quality standards, there is a tremendous range of legal issues to address and navigate. The attorneys on this panel will share their top considerations and experiences and answer audience questions.

5:30 - 6:30 pm Meeting: The Hemp Industries Association & Your Path to Success in Hemp: Joy Beckerman

Meeting Room 2C





1.      New York State Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo

2.      Timothy Sweeney, Policy Analyst, NY Dept. of Agriculture & Markets

3.      Joy Beckerman, Principal, Hemp Ace International & President, Hemp Industries Association

4.      Doug Fine, Author & Hemp Farmer

5.      Larry B. Smart, PhD, Professor, Cornell University

6.      Jared W. Nelson, PhD, Assistant Professor, SUNY New Paltz & CSO, Sunstrand LLC

7.      Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins, PhD, Professor, Morrisville State College

8.      Jeff Kostuik, B.Gs, T.Ag, CCA, Dir. of Operations, Hemp Production Services

9.      David B. Bush, Esq., Hoban Law Group

10.  Peter G. Stavropoulos, Esq., Hoban Law Group

11.  Steven Wood, Esq., Assistant Dir. of Innovation Services for the Research Foundation for SUNY

12.  Trey Riddle, PhD, CEO, Sunstrand LLC

13.  Lawrence Serbin, President, Hemp Traders

14.  Mary Jeanne Packer, Founder & Owner, Battenkill Fibers

15.  Patricia Bishop, Co-Founder, Taproot Fibre Lab

16.  Jeffrey Silberman, Professor, Textile Development & Marketing Dept., Fashion Institute of Technology

17.  Janel Ralph, CEO & Founder, Palmetto Harmony

18.  Shira Adler, Author, The ABC’s of CBD

19.  Andrew Bish, COO, Bish Enterprises

20.  Ethan Vorhes, Owner, Vorhes Farms & HIA Hemp Feed Coalition Member 

21.  Chris Girard, CEO, Omega Hemp Company

22.  Chad Rosen, Founder, Victory Hemp Foods

23.  Bob Escher, President, Escher Design Inc.

24.  Marcus Grignon, Co-Director, Hempstead Project Heart

25.  Keanan Stone, General Manager, UniSeeds, Inc.

26.  Annie Archambault, Associate Breeder, UniSeeds, Inc.

27.  Ed Lehrburger, Co-Founder, PureHemp Technology

28.  Sarah Stenuf, Founder, Veterans Ananda

29.  William Hilliard, CEO & General Counsel, Atalo Holding, Inc.

30.  Courtney N. Moran, LL.M. EARTH Law, LLC

31.  Edgar J. Winters, CEO, Winterfox Farms

32.  Margaret L. Flewellen, CEO, Natural Good Medicines

33.  Mateen Pouyafar, COO, American Hemp Industries, Inc.